XDB: extra features on LMDB


A Python wrapper on the LMDB Key Value Store.

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He added a Python wrapper to the LMDB Key Value store. 

Lightning Memory-Mapped Database (LMDB) is a software library that provides a high-performance embedded transactional database in the form of a key-value store. LMDB is written in C with API bindings for several programming languages. LMDB stores arbitrary key/data pairs as byte arrays, has a range-based search capability, supports multiple data items for a single key and has a special mode for appending records at the end of the database (MDB_APPEND) which gives a dramatic write performance increase over other similar stores.[1] LMDB is not a relational database, it is strictly a key-value store like Berkeley DB and dbm.

Personally I think he would be better served by the ZODB