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Wilson Score

There is an interesting question of how to rank the videos.  We have youtube up votes, down votes, and for many videos, view count. This article on the  wilson score  tells you about the problem with ranking videos based on upvotes - downvotes, or upvotes / total votes.  The  statistically correct soluction to use the wilson score.  Here is the Javascript version of the wilson score which I use

But the Wilson score is not idea.  It does not take into account the number of page views.  it also does not directly take into account that people are more likely to up vote than down vote.  Without evidence,  I think down votes should be multiplied by 5.  

I am starting to support a ratio of (upVotes - downVotes)/viewCount.   I multiply the result by 1000, just to make it easier to reed.  Next, I need to figure out the statistically correct version of that algorithm.  (It has been a while since I studied statistics at MIT)  Any help would be appreciated. 


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