Directory of Python companies in Wroclaw, their products, jobs, and other links.

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Company Name Specialization
BNY Mellon Banking
ClearCode Saas Platforms
Credit Suisse Banking
Do Ok Outsourcing
Dolby Acoustics
Epam Outsourcing
Global Logic Consulting
Infor.com Outsourcing
Intive Outsourcing
Luxoft Outsourcing.
Mirumee Outsourcing
New Voice Media IP Telephony
Nokia Cell Phones
Opera Browsers
RST Outsourcing
Ryan Air Aviation
Siili Outsourcing
Softserve Outsourcing
STXNext Python-only outsourcing
Thaumatec Embedded Outsourincg
Tivix Consulting
Union Bank of Switzerland Banking
Voicefox Record Meetings