Python and Deep Learning companies, products, jobs and other links in Krakow.

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Company Name Specialization
Akamai CDN, Machine Learning
Allegro Tech Classified Ads
Andea Solutions Manufacturing Solutions
Atos outsourcing
Bravelab Software House Outsourcing
Browse Labs Technology Incubator
CerleraOne CMS + Steel Manufacturing
Collective Sense Network Security
Dahliamatic Outsourcing
DreamLab (Onet) Digital Media
Fideltronik Manufacturing Engineering
Freshmail Email marketing
Grid Dynamics Cloud Outsourcing
Intive Outsourcing
Joymile Used Cars
Luxsoft Outsourcing, Learning
Natek Outsourcing
Philip Morris International Tobacco, Deep Learning
Reality Games Ltd Mobile Games
Sumsung Electronics
SolarWinds IT Management Products
StrikeAd Mobile Advertising
Union Bank of Switzerland Banking, Learning