A Pyodide Medical Application


A web site that uses Pyodide in Production

Outside of Iodide itself, this is the first Pyodide production website I know of

He is processing medical data, which is not allowed to leave the hospital web site.  So he does the data analysis in the browser using Pyodide. 

Before that the hospital would have to install their own server.  Now they just need a web browser to process the data. Much much easier. 

More importantly it is an excellent example of using Python Data Science libraries in the browser. 

Here is more info about the application.  In Radiation Oncology Medical Physics we use Linear accelerators to treat patients with cancer. These Linear accelerators produce logging information detailing important details of how each treatment went. This tool takes that logging information and provides a way for the user to verify that the parameters reported within the files were within clinically relevant tolerances.

The app is built so that any function with the PyMedPhys repo can be used to spun off into a script within the App. Essentially any tool within PyMedPhys that follows the "input file(s)" --> "process" --> "output file(s)" model can be included as a script on that site.

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