Keynote: Python and WASM


Thue future of computing is the web, and Python runs well on WASM.

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I watched this video. 

He starts off talking about his history of computing and how the web is the future of computing.  I encourage you to skip that part, and go directly to his discussion of WASM.   So I start this video at just before 6: 49, although you can scroll back to the beginning if you want. 

He points out that for web development Javascript is still the best language, but "Python is the second best language for everything", and indeed often the first best language.  Python runs well on WASM, the problem is that the download is 6 Megabytes, and so we need to figureo out how best to use Python with Javascript, to get the best of both worlds.  He leaves that as an exercise for the readers. 

If you are interested in WASM, this is a good first talk to start you on that journey. 


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