IoT using Python on Linux: Lessons Learned


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In a distributed sensor network system with a Java based Cloudapplication, mobile apps and a proprietary radio protocol accompanyingit we developed an IoT appliance that connects the existing radioinfrastructure to the Cloud service developed in-house.Using CPython 3.5 + Debian GNU-Linux 9 on an ARMv7 platform, wedeveloped the following features:Over the course of this project, we learned a lot about Test DrivenDevelopment of Python apps in teams and DevOps in the IoT space. Wewould now like to share our experience developing a Python applicationfor a headless IoT device and the things we would liked to have knownupfront.The talk is held both by Matthias Schmidt (Senior Architect at diva-e)and Thomas Keppler (Software Developer at diva-e).

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