Scientific MicroPython on Microcontrollers


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MicroPython ( is a FOSS implementation of Python 3 optimised to run on microcontrollers with MHz and tens of Kbytes of RAM. After a introduction about MicroPython, this tutorial will be a interactive hands-on using microcontroller boards running MicroPython, one for each attendee, practicing some scientific tools to process data from sensor boards, then publish the sensor data on web server running on the microcontroller or on IoT Cloud. The goal is to show MicroPython and microcontrollers are also plataforms for scientific computing applied to Physical Computing (sensors and actuators) and IoT (Internet of Things). All hardware (microcontroller boards, sensor boards, jumper cables) will be provided by the presenter. Please bring a micro USB cable and a computer. Basic familiarity with Python 3 and terminal tools is required. See tutorial materials here:

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