Code like an accountant: Designing data systems for accuracy, resilience and auditability


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As engineers, we care a lot about the reliability of our applications. When a website falls over, pagers go off, and engineers burst into action to bring a site back to life. Postmortems are written, and teams develop strategies to prevent similar failures in the future. But what about the reliability of our data? Would _you_ trust financial reports built on your data? If not, what can you do to improve data health? If you _would_ trust these reports, how can you prove to customers, investors, and auditors alike that they should too? In this talk, you’ll learn to apply strategies from the world of dev-ops to data. You’ll learn about questions auditors ask that can help you pinpoint data problems. You’ll also learn some accounting-specific tools for accurate and timely record keeping that I’ve found fascinating and helpful!

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