Code Your Heart Out: Beginning Python for Human People with Feelings


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This tutorial is for people who are __brand new to Python__. It's for people with curioisty to feed, anxiety to overcome, and worlds to change. It's for people named Edna. (And others not named Edna.) During this tutorial you'll be encouraged to __bring your whole self to learning__. We'll start with the very basics of Python, keeping your fingers on the keyboard to gain as much practice as possible. Between strings, functions, and other fun Python-y things, we'll discuss learning deeply, __nourishing our brains__, and boosting happiness with science. No prior experience required; come just as you are. __This is about being a whole person__. It's about learning Python, because Python is really cool. It's also about staying afloat. Being productive. Focusing. It's about finding joy in the error codes. Come play. It'll be awesome.

Editors Note:

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