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Python in the Hardware Industry


This talk will be about the usage of Python inside of Sensirion, a hardware company producing sensors.

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Speaker: Are you the speaker?

By Raphael Nestler

Editor's Note.  The first 1 minute and 36 seconds is about their products, but the rest is a very interesting talk about how their Python infrastructure has evolved from simple beginnings to a very mature infrastructure.   I could have happily listened to this talk for another 15 minutes. 

Original Description

We will see where and how we rely on Python and how the usage evolved from collections of small Python scripts in each department to a more sophisticated stack to develop, test and deploy Python packages to 100+ non software engineers in the lab.


Editors Note:

I would like to work with open source projects to create a branch of the tree with all of the best videos for your open source project. Please send me an email if you are interested.  

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