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Leadership of Technical Teams


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Speaker: Are you the speaker?

Over the years, I’ve led, and been a member of, numerous technical teams on a wide variety of projects. Based on that experience, this talk will describe my personal observations on the role of the leader in that sort of team.

The talk will be in 5 sections:

  • Introduction - A bit about my background so you can judge whether to bother staying for the rest.
    • Authority - Where it comes from and the challenges you might face depending on the answer.
    • Priorities - What should you be focussing upon?
    • Style - There are many leadership styles, but what’s yours and what’s appropriate for technical teams?
    • Process - What’s your role in defining and managing process?

There is no prior knowledge or experience required whatsoever. The talk is aimed equally at anyone considering a leadership role for the first time or who has been doing so for many years.

Editors Note:

I would like to work with open source projects to create a branch of the tree with all of the best videos for your open source project. Please send me an email if you are interested.  

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