Aletheia solves the authentication problem of Fake News by using public key signing with the DNS system. It was the second best talk at PyCon UK. Since I need it, I am reviewing it.

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Great talk.  Great Graphics.  A very graceful presentation. It was the second best talk at PyCon UK 2018. My longer comments are at the bottom of this page. 

Talk Description

Fight fake news with cryptography & human natureJust as journalism has taken a critical financial hit, fake news ismultiplying across social networks faster than facts. The public doesn'tknow which stories are real any more because anyone with a laptop canforge audio & video in record time. We need to empower the institutionswe trust with the ability to tie their reputations to the journalismthey produce.Aletheia uses cryptographic signatures + DNS to leverage existingnetworks of human trust in individual journalists & institutions to helplink those people to the work they produce with a view to change ourexpectations of what constitutes journalism: if it's not verified, it'sjust some stranger on the internet.

Here is his blog posting on the topic.

Here is the radio lab story which inspired this work.

Here is his GitHub repository.

Why I need this?

(You may want to skip this and just watch the video). 

Well I am about to release the PythonLinks software as a docker container, so that people can curate news.  Note  that you can now sort by Menu -> most recent, meaning there is both a taxonomy here, and a news feed. 

Part of what has to be done, is that one needs to be able to sign the particular stories and their relationships.  So that my new site  (Volunteers Needed) can quote quoting the Swedish Girl who spoke at Cop24 here in Katowice.  Then someone can take a branch of the ClimateVideosTree, and incorporate it in their larger Green New Deal directory, and users can see the trust network involved.  Meaning that Aletheia is an important first step, but some simple additional work is required.  

Editors Note:

I am looking for editors/curators to help with branches of the tree. Please send me an email  if you are interested.