Deep Fashion: A Totally Rad Introduction to Deep Transfer Learning


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AnacondaCon 2018. Paige Bailey. In this hands-on tutorial, we’ll be using image recognition to take an existing deep learning model and adapt it to our own specialized domain (namely: guessing whether articles of clothing are preppy, sporty, punk, etc.). Instead of using a more data-intensive classifier, like a Residual Network, we’ll be using deep transfer learning to overcome our data scarcity problem and to build on top of an existing model. Once our transfer learning model has been trained, we’ll pack it up into a dockerized container (specifying inputs and outputs, as well as a file), and then call it as a web service. We will also discuss a #DataOps process for refreshing the model as trends change over time. By the end of this talk, you (or at least your model!) will know how to select the perfect outfit for any occasion.

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