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PyVis is a data visualization tool for Python.

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PyViz: Dashboards for Visualizing 1 Billion Datapoints in 30 Lines of Python

PyViz: Easy Visualization and Exploration for all your Data

PyViz Unifying Python Tools for In Browser Data Visualization

How to solve visualization problems with Python tools

The PyViz website and corresponding GitHub repository provide examples, demos, and training materials documenting how to solve visualization problems using interactive Python-based tools in your web browser, including Bokeh, HoloViews, GeoViews, Datashader, andParam.

PyViz includes:

  • Conda package “pyviz” that makes it simple to install matching versions of all the libraries.
  • A comprehensive tutorial showing how to use these tools together to do a wide range of different tasks.
  • Sample datasets to work with.

Some of the many Python tools that PyViz will help you understand and get started with:

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