Python with and without Pants


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What is the best outfit for comfortable, but highly productiveprogramming at home? While this is definitely an important question,this talk will focus on a topic that is slightly more controversial:monorepos and their build tools. Specifically, the talk will have acloser look at Pants ( is a build system for large or rapidly growing code bases. Itsupports all stages of a typical build ( bootstrapping, dependencyresolution, compilation, linting, ...) and allows users to organizetheir code via targets for binaries, libraries, and tests. For Pythonprogrammers, pants is especially interesting, as it makes themanipulation and distribution of hermetically sealed Python environmentspainless - so called PEXes.The talk will motivate Pants and its usage in the context of a largecompany- wide monorepo. It will then focus on important Python-centricfeatures, and shortly explain how those work under the hood. The talkwill conclude with a discussion of usecases for Pants outside of amonorepo, i.e. for the rest of us.