Introduction and practical experience about Quantum Computing using the Python libraries from IBM and Google


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As publicly announced in early 2018, Daimler AG has started cooperationswith IBM and Google on Quantum Computing. When doing concreteexperiments with the Quantum Computing cloud based offerings, twodifferent Python libraries provided by IBM and Google are used. They arenamed QISKIT in the case of IBM and CIRQ in the case of Google. Theexperiments with both libraries are handled using appropriate JupyterNotebooks. This talk gives a brief introduction on Quantum Computing,specifically on Quantum Computers based on transmon-based QBits. This isfollowed by an introduction of the both Python libraries that are used.Then some details about the Jupyter notebooks that are used are given.The talk will finish with some demos and an overview about the mostimportant practical experiences with both Quantum Computing offerings.

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