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Binder - lowering the bar to sharing interactive software


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The Binder project drastically lowers the bar to sharing and re-usingsoftware. As a user wanting to try out someone else’s work I only haveto click a single link. As the author preparing a binder-ready projectis much easier than having to support many different platforms and formany projects involves little additional work.In this talk I will introduce the audience to the concepts and ideasbehind the Binder project. I will showcase examples from the communityto illustrate use-cases and show off the power of Binder.Three pieces of software power Binder:`repo2docker `__,`BinderHub `__ and`JupyterHub `__. Using anexample repository I will go through the steps required to make arepository binder- ready and what happens when a user launches it. Ateach step I will illustrate the role that each of the three softwarecomponents play and how they interact.Binder is a project created by its community. I will present pathwaysfor getting involved with the community.To wrap up I will highlight plans for future developments and featuresof Binder.

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