Minor Sources


Minor Python Conferences, YouTube channels and other sources of videos.

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Sub Categories

Enthought YouTube Channel

EuroPython 2016

Europython 2017

EuroSciPy 2017


Fox YouTube Channel

Free Code Camp Videos

Jake Vanderplas Youtube Channel

My Youtube Channel

PyCon Australia 2018

PyCon India 2017

PyCon Israel 2017

PyCon Slovakia 2018

PyCon USA 2017

PyCon CZ 2017

PyData London 2018

PyData London Meetups

PyData New York 2017

PyMunich Meetup Group YouTube Channel

Python Training by Dan Bader

Python tuts YouTube Channel

Sandex YouTube Channel

Simon Funke YouTube Channel

Strange Loop Conference 2018

Swiss Python Summit 2017

Python On Windows Playlist