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Minor Python Conferences, YouTube channels and other sources of videos.

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Software is too complex
He talks about how the many layers of abstraction in software make everything way way to complex, and too fragile.
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Writing a transpiler
In this talk, you'll be introduced to the tools and libraries Python provides to manipulate the compilation and execution of Python code. You will also see how you can use those tools to target execution environments other than the CPython virtual machine.


Python For Excell with PyXLL
PyXLL is a tool for working with Python and Excell


Sub Categories

Enthought YouTube Channel Lots of information an Cython

EuroPython 2016 The largest European Python Conference. I was there.

Europython 2017 The largest European Python Conference.

EuroSciPy 2017 The European SciPy Conference.

Fosdem An open source conference with a Python Track.

Fox YouTube Channel As of July 2018, just 3 videos here.

Free Code Camp Videos

Jake Vanderplas Youtube Channel Talks on Jupyter and Cython.

My Youtube Channel These are videos I have produced.

PyCon Australia 2018 Currently there is only 1 talk from PyCon Australia, but it is so good, it motivated me to index the other ones.

PyCon India 2017 The largest Python Conference in India. Wait... There is another. PyCon Pune.

PyCon Israel 2017 The annual Python Conference in Israel.

PyCon Slovakia 2018 The annual Python Conference in Bratislawa Slovakia.

PyCon USA 2017 The world's largest Python Conference

PyCon CZ 2017 The annual Python Conference in the Czech republic.

PyData London 2018 The Pydata conference in London in 2018

PyData London Meetups Videos recorded at Pydata London Meetups.

PyData New York 2017 The Pydata Conference in New York in 2017.

PyMunich Meetup Group YouTube Channel Talks from the PyMunich Meetup Group.

Python Training by Dan Bader About 50 Python Videos

Python tuts YouTube Channel As of July 2017, 7 Python Videos can be found here.

Sandex YouTube Channel He has over 22 Python related videos on his channel.

Simon Funke YouTube Channel 50 Python videos and about 20 on other topics.

Strange Loop Conference 2018 Strange Loop is a multi-disciplinary conference that brings together the developers and thinkers building tomorrow's technology in fields such as emerging languages, alternative databases, concurrency, distributed systems, security, and the web.

Swiss Python Summit 2017 Then annual Python Conferencein Switzerland.

Python On Windows Playlist 52 Vidwos about running Python on Windows.

Sentdex A Python YouTuber with some interesting content.

google-io-18 Google's Annual Developer Conference.

Codiax Deep technology is no longer a myth or a phase, it is a reality. It will be explored in the current and future tech-related products, be it websites, applications, software or wearables.

Alexander Bus A small youtube channel with only 2 videos. One of which was excellent.