Python On Windows and Azure


All about Python with Microsoft Windows and Azure. Includes Spreadsheets, and Microsoft Office.

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Sub Categories

1. The Big Picture The big picture on how Python on net works. These talks cover a high level introduction to the issues.
2. Installing on Windows Talks about installing Python and Python Packages on Windows. These talks assume that you already know Python.
3. Automating things and building a Python Applications on Windows So you want to write a Windows application in Python. Here is what you need to know. Also covers automating things on Windows.
4. Visual Studio Talks about Python in Visual Studio on Windows.
5. Python and Microsoft Office Talks about Python, Microsoft Excell and Microsoft Word.
6. Python and C on Windows Working with both Python and C on Windows. DLL, CTypes, etc.
7. Learn Python on Windows These videos cover both installing and using Python for the absolute beginners.