Pyodide is CPython running on WASM in the browser. Use the arrow keys to explore this tree of Pyodide links.

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Sub Categories

1. Pyodide Packages
2. Pyodide Training Materials These course notes define the lecture I give introducing people to Python in the Browser.
3. Pyodide Documentation
4. Pyodide Github Page
5. Mozilla's article introducing Pyodide
6. Pyodide Tutorials
7. Pyodide Web Sites Web sites using Pyodide. Servers, Content Mangement Systems, and Applications.
8. iodide Iodide is like Jupyter Notebooks, but it supports compute servers in an iFrame in the browser.
9. MQTT Training MQTT is an industry-standard pub/sub protocol for interprocess communication. Here is a list of upcoming lectures and training classes in Python, Javascript, Erlang, and Raspberry Pi . Would you like a class in your city?
10. HTML5 Dom Library html5 is a HTML5-DOM library that has been written in Python and runs on top of PyOdide.