The Best Python Lightning Talks


Here you have the 12 best Lightning Talks of PyCon USA 2019 .     The problem is that they had 4 hours of lightning talks, and you really do not want to watch all 4 hours. You just want to watch the best ones. And even that would take an hour, so to save time, here all you have to do is to scan the list, read the descriptions, see which ones look interesting, and watch the three best ones. You will be done in 15 minutess.

You can also vote for the best lightning talks. The problem is that most conferences include about 12 lightning talks in a single YouTube video, so that you cannot vote for an individual talk, you have to vote for all the talks at once. Here you really can just vote on a single talk.

How will the lightning talks be organized once there are more of them? The same way that I organize the other videos. Here you have 1056 of the Best Python Videos . They are organized as a tree of categories. On that page you will find the 10 best videos overall. Use the down arrow and the right arrow to browse the top level of the tree.

Why is this useful? A woman at PyCon US said she wanted to learn some new skills. I said "Great just go to YouTube search for the skill you want to learn, and watch the video." She replied that she did not know what skills are available. What she needs is a discovery engine. On this website, you can go to the skills branch.    There you can find about 1/7 th of these videos organized by category: introctory skills intermediate skills, advanced skills, how to teach, security, and other interesting skills. You can choose what you want to learn and watch the video.

I also invite you to read more About This Web Site .

You can also meet me at EuroPython. My shirt will the tree icon pinned to it. I also have a poster sission on the ForestWiki.

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