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Groups With Events

Location Organization Name Specialization
Warsaw 10Clouds Outsourcing.
Warsaw Clouds Outsourcing.
Warsaw CodiLime Data Science, Networks.
Warsaw Daftcode Outsourcing
Warsaw Ergo Digital GmBH Insurance. Data Science
Warsaw FinAI AI Fintech
Warsaw Growbots Python, Learning
Warsaw Innovation in IT Innovative Outsourcing
Warsaw Linagro Data Science
Warsaw McKinsey and Company Counsulting
Warsaw My Therapy Medication Reminders
Warsaw Nethone Data Science
Warsaw Nvidia Deep Learning Processors
Warsaw Price Waterhouse Coopers Consulting, Deep Learning
Warsaw Roche Pharmaceuticals, Data Science
Warsaw Samsung Electronics
Warsaw So1 GMBH Google Adwords for retail
Warsaw SunScrapers Outsourcing
Warsaw TNS Polska Growth Analysis
Warsaw Vlog Outsourcing
Bialystok ContainerLabs Outsourcing
Gdansk Intel Chip Design, Deep Learning
Gdansk Luxsoft Outsourcing, Deep Learning
Gdansk PGS Software Outsourcing
Gdansk Stapes Office Supplies
Krakow Akamai CDN, Machine Learning
Krakow Allegro Tech Classified Ads
Krakow Andea Solutions Manufacturing Solutions
Krakow Atos outsourcing
Krakow Bravelab Software House Outsourcing
Krakow Browse Labs Technology Incubator
Krakow CerleraOne CMS + Steel Manufacturing
Krakow Collective Sense Network Security
Krakow Dahliamatic Outsourcing
Krakow DreamLab (Onet) Digital Media
Krakow Fideltronik Manufacturing Engineering
Krakow Freshmail Email marketing
Krakow Grid Dynamics Cloud Outsourcing
Krakow Intive Outsourcing
Krakow Joymile Used Cars
Krakow Luxsoft Outsourcing, Learning
Krakow Natek Outsourcing
Krakow Philip Morris International Tobacco, Deep Learning
Krakow Reality Games Ltd Mobile Games
Krakow Sumsung Electronics
Krakow SolarWinds IT Management Products
Krakow StrikeAd Mobile Advertising
Krakow Union Bank of Switzerland Banking, Learning
Poznan Egnyte Secure File Sharing. Learning.
Poznan Roq.ad Oursourcing, Deep Learning
Poznan StxNext Just Python outsourcing.
Wroclaw BNY Mellon Banking
Wroclaw ClearCode Saas Platforms
Wroclaw Credit Suisse Banking
Wroclaw Do Ok Outsourcing
Wroclaw Dolby Acoustics
Wroclaw Epam Outsourcing
Wroclaw Global Logic Consulting
Wroclaw Infor.com Outsourcing
Wroclaw Intive Outsourcing
Wroclaw Luxoft Outsourcing.
Wroclaw Mirumee Outsourcing
Wroclaw New Voice Media IP Telephony
Wroclaw Nokia Cell Phones
Wroclaw Opera Browsers
Wroclaw RST Outsourcing
Wroclaw Ryan Air Aviation
Wroclaw Siili Outsourcing
Wroclaw Softserve Outsourcing
Wroclaw STXNext Python-only outsourcing
Wroclaw Thaumatec Embedded Outsourincg
Wroclaw Tivix Consulting
Wroclaw Union Bank of Switzerland Banking
Wroclaw Voicefox Record Meetings
Katowice Ammeon Outsourcing
Katowice Arm Ltd Semiconductors
Katowice Python Links Runs this website.
Katowice Cadence Design Digital Design, Deep Learning
Katowice Cap Gemini Polska Big, low cost consulting firm.
Katowice ClearCode AdTech Consulting
Katowice ING Services Polska Banking
Katowice JCommerce Nearshoring
Katowice Perform Group Sports Media
Katowice Storkjet Aviation
Katowice Whiteaster Deep Learning Outsourcing
Katowice XCaliber Gaming.