On Privacy


I am very mindful of peoples need for privacy.

This is the first page which I am creating on this website. 

Many people are cautious to participate for fear of consequences.  We take that issue very seriously.  The site is hosted in Germany with some of the strictest privacy rules.  All traffic to the site is encrypted using a Let's Encrypt certificate.  All passwords are encrypted.   When we get to asking for people's addresses to add you to the map, we encourage you to give a slightly incorrect address.  So others can find those who live nearby, but  cannot identify exactly who you re.  Then we will allow the asking party to send an email through our servers, they will not see your email address, unless you choose to reply to them.  

I do apologize for using Google maps.  That means every page you click is tracked.  I am looking for volunteers to implement Open  Street Map.