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When you do a web search on "Python Video", usually 5 of the top 10 are paid courses.   I prefer the free videos.  With a web search, often, you get videos which are out of date.   This is particularly a problem  when the technology is changing rapidly.   I prefer recent videos.  Worse yet, a web search gives what is effectively an infinite list of videos, but a basic principal in human factors is that there should be no more than about 7 items in any category.

In contrast, organizes Python Videos from the best Python conferences into a tree of categories and ranks them by upvotes versus total votes. Browse the tree, and you will find the top level categories of Machine Learning, Data Science, Parallelism, Python in the Organization and community, Python Skills and Python Software. Each category has further sub-categories.

Each category has no more than about 7 items in it. That makes it easier for humans to make choices. 

It works well on cell phones.  Swipe left, right up or down to navigate the tree.  On the desktop,  to navigate the tree, use the arrow keys or the mouse scroll wheel.  

Currently 720 videos are indexed, I add about a conference of 50 videos every week.

Not everyone watches videos, but those who do really like having videos on the same topic located in the same category, and ranked by upvotes versus total votes.

And of course, at the root of the tree,, you will find the 10 best overall videos.