App Store Requirements


What is needed for a good app store?

My previous posting, use the left arrow to see it, analyzed the app store market.  All fell short.  This post says what is needed. 

There should be a page, enter your desired subdomain, and click on the button.  Here is how to have a custom domain.  Next form is fill in your credit card information.  

Daily weekly backups are needd. It should store not just the data, but also the configuration file, and any changes which have been made to it.  And the ability to do multiple snapshots.  Linode does this almost right.  They only allow you one snapshot.  I guess the price of the backups should be scaled based on how much disk space your server has.   Linode has optional backups, they saved my life.  

Some customizations are needed.  Not the app connectivity stuff.  Just domain name, maybe number of servers.  Maybe that should auto scale.  How much RAM and hard drive.  

One also needs to be able to easily configure email SPIF and similar settings. 

And then maybe there should be some application specific stuff.  In my case, upgrade from a single server to a scalable client-server model.  Which means backup, stop the system, install a new configuration and then restore and restart.  Okay so maybe not so application specific.  

The idea is that you do not want to expose the full underlying platform.  Just parts of it that a customer should be touching. 

Feedback on this article is most appreciated.