Here are the enhancements I want to do to this web site.

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Easiest Platform for Creating A Docker Container
See how easy it is to create a Distributed Wiki over on Sloppy.io If anyone knows of a faster, easier way for end users to create docker containers without shell access and knowledge, please tell me, I will use it


Here is what I am working on to improve this website.  Your comments are most appreciated. 

  1. Create a Widget for remote websites. 
    1. Sort on Server
  2. Curators
    1. Curate URLS
      1. Edit URLs and json them. 
    2. Curate Videos
    3. Other
      1. Improve New ZMI
  3. Users
    1. Watch Later
    2. Watch Category
    3. Add CV
    4. Edit Location
    5. Edit SKills
  4. Current
    1. On hover show more about the video. 

    2.  Make it work without Javascript

    3. Show all the best for a conference.  

    4. Check for existing node name before importing a talk.

  5. Display
    1. Eliminate Error Message
    2. More conferences
    3. Duplicate Key Error on Sign in
    4. Logs me out sometimes.
    5. Login Page Should not have menu options
    6. On Server Render  show conference name
  6. Hidden
    1. Webalyzer
    2. Serve with Waitress
    3. Log delays
    4. Send Emails
    5. Permissions like zope.securitypolicy
  7. Big Changes
    1. Import Awesome Python 
    2. Cross references
    3. Import BackLinks.   Lazy Load them.
    4. Reliability.  The parents command if there are no parents, goes infiinte and crashes the system.  Make sure you are using the one that catches that error.  






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Easiest Platform for Creating A Docker Container