Elegant Solutions For Everyday Python Problems


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Are you an intermediate python developer looking to level up? Luckily, python provides us with a unique set of tools to make our code more elegant and readable by providing language features that make your code more intuitive and cut down on repetition. In this talk, I’ll share practical pythonic solutions for supercharging your code. Specifically, I'll cover: - What magic methods are, and show you how to use them in your own code. - When and how to use partial methods. - An explanation of ContextManagers and Decorators, as well as multiple techniques for implementing them. - How to effectively use `NamedTuples`, and even subclass and extend them! Lastly, I'll go over some example code that ties many of these techniques together in a cohesive way. You'll leave this talk feeling confident about using these tools and techniques in your next python project!