Actions on the Google Assistant in 5 minutes | Google I/O 2018


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Check out the top 5 announcements from Actions on Google, all under 5 minutes. 1. Actions on Google can reach 500M+ Devices - Reach a broad audience by developing Actions that help your users get things done on many different devices. The number of devices where you can reach users is now over 500 million! 2. You can create Alpha and Beta versions of Actions - You can now create Alpha and Beta versions of your actions that can be shared with a limited audience for feedback and iteration. 3. Built In Intents get you discovered - Built-in intents provide a common taxonomy for actions across Google surfaces. 4. Action Links let you share and promote with a simple URL - Assistant Links let you promote your experience on your website, app, and even across your social channels. 5. You can sell digital goods through Transactions APIs - The capability to sell digital goods on Assistant surfaces will work on phones and voice surfaces. Watch the full "An introduction to developing Actions for the Google Assistant" session at #io18 → Watch more Google Assistant sessions from I/O '18 here → See all the sessions from Google I/O '18 here → Subscribe to the Google Developers channel → #io18

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