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Climate Change is a men's rights issue


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Climate Change is a Men’s Rights Issue.


When there is a climate change disaster, the first responders are mostly men.

The most recent California fires saw 5 killed.  But “more than 1,000 inmates”





In the US last year 80 firefighters total were killed.

How many of those 80 were climate-change related deaths?


When droughts happen, it bankrupts farmers.  Maybe as many as three million (mostly male?) farmers in India have committed suicide.


Climate change refugees, both men and woman,  are starting to move north.   Who meets them at the border.  In the US they sent the troops (It was a political stunt), in Europe it is the navy patrolling the oceans.  Mostly men.


With droughts, already we are seeing violence over water.

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Climate change is already increasing food prices.


I do not know when it is going to happen, but sooner or later there are going to be food shortages.   When people go hungry riots and then wars break out.  Mostly men get injured and killed.


So climate change is a huge issue, for men and women and children.  But it is the men who get killed first.


So what am I doing about this?  Well I am in Katowice, meeting people outside of the Copa 24 Climate Change Conference.  I think that the UN is doing a great job of publicizing this issue.


As one person advised me, do not wait for politicians to take dramatic action.  We as individuals, and as groups need to act.  In particular we need to educate people to motivate them.  Videos are particularly emotionally effective.  But it is hard to find the right video.  There are so many of them.  Many are junk.  Maybe your search results are being manipulated by vested interests.


So I have created a directory of climate change related videos.  It is organized as a tree of categories.  The top level categories are Energy, Environment, People, Economy, Places.  Each category has subcategories.  In the people section, I would like to create one branch of stories of farmers suicide.  Another branch on first responders injuries and deaths.   Another branch on deaths from water related conflicts.


It is a big project.  I need your help.  I am looking for editors and curators to find videos, review them to see which are the good ones, and post them.


The software is pretty stable.  It is the same software I use to run my professional website.  That website already has almost 1000 technical videos.  I need your help to do the same for the climate change.








Editors Note:

I am looking for editors/curators to help with branches of the tree. Please send me an email  if you are interested.  

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