Here are the enhancements I want to do to this web site.

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Introductory Video

Mostly this list is just for me to plan my work.  But in case you are interested, here it is.   Just the first 3 impact the user interface. 

  1. Current
    1. Fix hover and drag and click

    2. Show all the best for a conference

    3. Check for existing node name before importing a conference.

  2. Display
    1. Eliminate Error Message
    2. Eliminate Arrows
    3. More conferences
    4. Duplicate Key Error on Sign in
    5. Login Page Should not have menu options
    6. On Server Render d show conference name
    7. On Server Render Put Content in a  scrollable Area
    8. on load if talk, show different buttons
  3. ​Manager Interface
    1. AddConferenceByPlaylist
    2. AddConferenceByChannel
    3. AddConferenceByPyVideo
  4. New Functionality
    1. Post CV
    2. Post Job
    3. Suscribe user
  5. Hidden
    1. Webalyzer
    2. JS Client Calculates best videos for each category, saves them to server.
    3. Serve with Waitress
    4. Log delays
    5. Send Emails
    6. Permissions like zope.securitypolicy
  6. Big Changes
    1. Import Awesome Python 
    2. Cross references
    3. Import BackLinks.   Lazy Load them.
    4. Reliability.  The parents command if there are no parents, goes infiinte and crashes the system.  Make sure you are using the one that catches that error.  





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