A PyOdide CMS


The Forest Wiki is a CMS which  includes an Iodide Content Type.  Here is the page with examples.  The Forest Wiki is a tree of views on Pytthon objects, the content types.   You can edit both the content and the look and feel in the browser.  This web site is built on top of the Forest WIki.  

The official PyOdide server gives you a list of Iodide objects is with attached files,  The Forest Wiki gives you a tree of Content Types.  An Iodide object can have  children.  Both servers can add files and images to an Iodide object. 

The Forest wiki also lets you add  Css,  Html, Javascript, Javascript Folders, and Pug objects to an Iodide object.  Not just text in a JSMD document, but proper Content Types, along with  the technical Ace Editor and the WYSIWYG ckEditor.  

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